wiSLA platform increases Rostelecom IP VPN service quality

This year Rostelecom has launched service quality monitoring (customer IP SLA) for enterprise and government customers based on wiSLA (well integrated SLA) platform.
The key target for this project is increase of key customer loyalty and Rostelecom services differentiation in B2B, B2G segments providing additional service quality management services.
The implemented solution had significantly increased Rostelecom IP VPN service quality standards, enhanced competitive abilities, made service responsibility demarcation and a clear partner relationship, provided a transparent service quality management and decreased OPEX. The special developed business model for this project enabled to provide SLA as a Value Added Service (VAS) to the end customer, along with service ulitization and IT service availability monitoring.
«Now we see the problem and starting to react long before the call from the customer» said Rostelecom Vise-President – Technical Director Ivan Zima. «Our support technical specialists see all service degradation in real time and can make a better and a faster decisions on the situation. Implementation SLA management solution made a huge impact on troubleshooting pace and reduced total numbers of SLA violation. Mobile applications for Android and iPhone devices provided fantastic usability. At any time I can take an overall SLA picture on any department or customer».
In Vladimir Levin`s (CEO, Wellink) opinion «Today common service providers are on level where SLA with customers is used formally. But in fact, service quality problems are being resolved from case to case. The case is that service providers do not have tools to monitor end customer service quality and notify faults. That fact is proved by the increasing enterprise and governmental needs for high-quality communication services.