wiProbe key features

300 simultaneous tests

Monitor 100 communication channels and improve business critical application performance. Get guaranteed results. Measurement methodology is based on leading standards and best practices in metrology and telecom area. wiProbe solution is ideal for solving network organization tasks at remote offices. Integrated with SLAMON solution.


300 wiProbe tests



One-way measurement

wiProbe one-way measurement

Quality analysis in each direction

wiProbe measures IP-connection quality metrics (packet loss, out of order packets, packets with errors, delay, jitter and MOS) in both directions allowing easy service problem location. Measurement error is no more 5%.



TWAMP support

Standardized measurement approach

The probes are performing measurements in accordance with RFC 5375 TWAMP. That provides wiProbe with an out of the box measurement integration with numbers of top network devices. TWAMP support allows to use Ericson, Huawei, Nokia-Siemens base stations as a responder to provide complete end-to-end Mobile Backhaul monitoring.



Cisco IP SLA and Juniper RPM support


wiProbe can be used as a responder for Cisco IP SLA and Juniper RPM agents along with other measurements. And in the contrary the probe provides channel quality measurement using Cisco, Juniper, Huawei devices and the others ones as a responder.



Throughput testing

Test in practice

wiProbe functionality allows to ensure in real time whether the guaranteed throughput is provided. The throughput test is based on TCP/UDP.



wiProbe VoIP quality monitoring

VoIP quality monitoring

Do your links fit VoIP?

wiProbe provide link quality monitoring in terms of Voice Over IP traffic transfer and understand MOS value. VoIP test can be set up with codec type and its signature.


Traffic management and analysis

Whether leased resources are used efficiently

Two-port wiProbe supports user traffic analysis based on deep packet inspection function (DPI). Bandwidth management  function of applications group allows to distribute resources between users and assure business critical  services performance.

wiProbe traffic management and analysis



wiProbe firewall friendly

Firewall friendly

Operating inside crossed IP space

wiProbe data collection and management function allows to use the probes behind firewalls or even in different VPN with crossed IP addresses network.



Plug&Go remote configuring

Easy to install and operate


wiProbe provides easy operating launch due to embedded autodiscovery mechanism and configuration initialization from wiSLA system. All new test configuration and settings are done remotely from wiSLA.



wiProbe application quality management

Application quality management

100% user action imitation

wiProbe provides end-user application quality measurement due to real user action imitation. Measurement results are detailed on user action level and application system component.


Remote update

Simplified maintenance procedure

Large numbers of wiProbe devices update and maintenance can be easily done out remotely from wiSLA. wiProbe always looking for available updates on wiSLA server and provides it with statistics and logging files.


wiProbe remote update