These days, every user wants to receive information, products and services for the minimum amount of time in terms of search and delivery. In this regard, the task of our wiFrame platform is to promptly develop and effectively deliver new services to the user applying the minimum time and cost.
The WiFrame platform allows carriers to offer information components to providers of products and services based on tablet technology, with which the user is "bound" to the carrier's information core.
Within the framework of the wiFrame platform, a creation of an infrastructure for a provider of next-generation localized services and products is offered using globally proven business models. Under the services and products, a symbiosis of communication and information services, of which a variety of services and products is derived, which services and products are adapted to the deployment region, including socially oriented and information society services.
The wiFrame platform, which is essentially a Service Delivery Platform (SDP), provides a set of service orchestration components, such as tools for creating services, session and service management and business process management. The main purpose of wiFrame deployment is the possibility of a prompt development and deployment of new services, by re-using existing services, including third-party services.
The SDP platforms currently available are optimized for the delivery of services in a specific technology domain (examples of such SDPs include web, IMS, IPTV, Mobile TV, etc.). Typically, SDP provides an environment for the creation, management, and execution of services, as well as the tools of so-called orchestration of services. With the appearance of application stores and new business models in the media space, the emphasis has shifted to SDP as a means of earning income from information resources for information service providers and carriers.
From a technical perspective, wiFrame is a set of special software and hardware applications that connect certain business goals, network infrastructure and the end-user into a single information space. Portable user terminals form an integral part of this space, which provide a direct channel to the provider's services and products.
The following products and services are just some of the solutions based on the wiFrame platform:
  • wiDP, a corporate service for mobile application management, which provides application life-cycle management, from the test phase to updating and deletion from the user terminal.
  • wiCommerce, an e-commerce service for providers of products and services using mobile applications.
  • wiTV, a service for control and visualization of content from social media and local resources on a TV screen.