wiProbe Probes

wiProbe is an innovative measuring device with functions of client router and monitoring of wiDPI user traffic.
wiProbe is a flexible and user-friendly solution for connection of new offices, remote management of routing settings, traffic, and WiFi Internet access, as well as measuring quality characteristics of IP connections and overlying network services (DNS, DHCP), or IT services (E-mail, database).
wiProbe Key Benefits
wiProbe is a unique solution for the organization and management of small offices, as well as for changing the quality of communications services and monitoring of cloud services, because of the key features of the solution and the rich functionality:
  • Plug&Go: customization from a mobile phone directly at the point of connection, automatic detection in the system, download of scripts from the system, and execution of test scripts
  • CPE functionality (traffic routing, prioritization and shaping, wiFi Internet access, setting up encrypted connections over the Internet)
  • SLA Management of the IP VPN L2/L3 service, Internet access quality control, and monitoring of L5-L7 applications and cloud services
  • Control of user traffic volume by applications and users – the wiDPI function.