Managed services

Managed service is an enterprise solution that provides network support via outsourcing. Solution allows to perform monitoring of the whole customer infocommunication infrastructure or just its parts. So within service the united monitoring center is organized that solves following tasks:
  • Quality monitoring online
  • Display of service testing results and problem solution status on customer web interface
  • Trouble tickets without customers
  • Equipment recovery with engineer support in necessity cases and re-equipment
  • Persons in charge notification about accidents and accidents emergence in advance
  • Monthly reports about SLA compliance
  • Active equipment and changes status monitoring
The solution is based on wiSLA platform that collects and analyzes service status data online and reacts on accidents. wiSLA provides distributed infrastructure management  that consists of more than 10 thousand units of different vendors equipment.
Solution advantages:
  • SLA reports access for customers, current trouble and service quality data via personal account
  • Mobile notifications about incidents and failures
  • Responsibilities demarcation between providers, managed service providers and customers
  • Service quality increase due to provided actual data to remote engineers via specialized mobile app
  • Power supply, air temperature monitoring, video surveillance and notification about equipment rack opening
  • Equipment wide range support