SLA customer monitoring

Nowadays the only one way for providers to strengthen their service value is to provide service level agreement. But the clauses of SLA must be confirmed with hardware components. And online quality reports can cripple without smoothly running processes on incidents elimination.
The solution based on wiSLA platform is the unique one on business process automation for providers that deal with customer quality management. Our acquired knowledge and experience allow providers to pass to managed services and guaranteed customer quality management. You will be able to provide your quality of services without penalties for SLA violation.
The solution fundamental difference is existence of system structured information in the form of data multiportal display. Each user gets specific data for tasks performance. As a result all efforts concentrate for providing quality of services.
«Now we see the problem and starting to react long before the call from the customer. Our support technical specialists see all service degradation in real time and can make a better and a faster decisions on the situation. Implementation SLA management solution made a huge impact on troubleshooting pace and reduced total numbers of SLA violation. Mobile applications for Android and iPhone devices provided fantastic usability. At any time I can take an overall SLA picture on any department or customer».
Rostelecom Vise-President – Technical Director Ivan Zima
wiSLA flexible architecture provides performance and reliability indicators of a system provider class. wiSLA allows to interact with different probes integrating metrology and qualimetry best practices of telecom systems.
Solution advantages:
  • Without optional equipment installation
  • Pilot project development within 5 days
  • Can be provided as SaaS
  • Flexible integration into OSS/BSS system
  • SLA customer and UC management