wiSLA Platform Interfaces

The wiSLA (well integrated SLA) platform provides a simple and comfortable user experience via portals (Web interfaces), mobile applications, and desktop gadgets for Windows. wiSLA interfaces enable efficient SLA monitoring, prompt response to a degradation of service quality, control of threshold settings, quick and accurate location of problems, and identification of causes of failures of information and network services.

Operator Portal

For whom:
  • Customer support expert
  • Network engineer
  • Head of the Information Systems Operation Service
  • Business experts
For what:
  • Manage services and contracts
  • Define policies and quality indicators
  • Connect and monitor services
  • Create and view SLA reports

Contractor Portal

For whom:
  • Users and providers of services, e.g. last mile operators, transit operators, or customers
For what:
  • Control the current quality of services provided and/or leased by the partner carrier/customer
  • View periodic SLA reports, notifications of planned preventive maintenance works, failures, causes, and estimated time of problem resolution

Mobile Manager Dashboard wiSLA.Dashboard

For whom:
  • Heads of IT departments
For what:
  • Provide prompt remote access to the most important system functions for SLA monitoring.
wiSLA.Dashboard can be installed on smartphones running Android or iOS.

NOC Dashboard

For whom:
  • Engineers of Operation and Support Service in NOCs
For what:
Allows the display of the following on monitor walls:
  • Current status of controlled services, and TOP worst services
  • Failures of services and breaches of SLA
  • Scheduled maintenance works

Desktop gadget for Windows Vista / Windows 7

The wiSLA gadget is a mobile dashboard version adapted for Windows, a convenient means of background monitoring of controlled services.
For whom:
  • Head and engineer of Operation Service

Administrator Console

For whom: System administrator
For what: For the maintenance of high-load systems operability with a large infrastructure, e.g. those of large carriers
  • Manage users and access
  • Manage sessions
  • Manage access security for both external and internal users of the system
  • Control actions of users in the system
The web interfaces of the wiSLA platform have been implemented using technologies Web2.0 and AJAX, which ensures user-friendliness of the system comparable to a thick client. Platform interface can be flexibly customized to meet customer requirements by adding the necessary information and changing its presentation formats.