wiSLA (well integrated SLA)

wiSLA (well integrated SLA) is a software and hardware system that supports a full range of technologies and measurement techniques integrated in a single system of monitoring of all SLA parameters, and enables the settlement of conflicts between providers and consumers of communications services based on modern approaches to service quality management.
wiSLA key processes:
  • Continuous (24x7x365) real-time monitoring of quality indicators of controlled services
  • Monitoring of the use of transport network resources and load of circuits, and analysis of user applications (the mini-DPI technology)
  • Audit of current quality indicators of controlled services, along with the analysis of compliance with SLA obligations
  • Generation of periodic detailed SLA reports on the quality of services provided
  • Control of the end-to-end process, from connection of the service to bill adjustment in case of breach of SLA
  • Providing SLA contractors with information on current quality of controlled services, and access to SLA reports
The wiSLA (well integrated SLA) flexible platform architecture provides carrier-grade performance and reliability, and allows the wiSLA CQMS (Circuit Quality Monitoring System) to interact with a variety of hardware and software probes, thus combining all the best practices of modern metrology and qualimetry of telecommunications systems.
wiSLA uses methods of active and passive testing of quality indicators of IP connections and cloud services using the latest up to date software agents and hardware probes. Measurements are based on the method of simulating the behavior of users and user applications, without affecting the operation of certain services.