Supported Measuring Devices

In order to monitor the quality of the communications services provided, a software or hardware SLA probe is installed in the demarcation point. The probes allow you to control "point-to-point", "point-to-multipoint" and "all-to-all" connections.

The wiSLA system supports the following network devices and probes:

Probes wiProbe (Wellink)
wiProbe (Wellink) is a flexible and user-friendly solution for the connection of new offices, remote management of routing settings, user traffic, and WiFi Internet access, as well as measuring quality characteristics of IP connections and overlying network services (DNS, DHCP), or IT services (E-mail, database).
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Carrier Ethernet ETX-203Ad Demarcation devices
Carrier Ethernet ETX-203Ad Demarcation devices (RAD Data Communications) perform the function of access equipment (CPE) and provide monitoring of SLA parameters. The ETX-203А devices supports a set of Ethernet OAM (Y.1731) functions, offers a mechanism of testing circuit bandwidth according to RFC-2544, and provides a loop at L2/L3 levels. Hardware support of tests allows ETX-203A to provide the full range of high-precision measurements of connection performance.
Probes EtherNID, MetroNID, MetroNODE (Metrotek)
EtherNID, MetroNID, MetroNODE (Metrotek) probes provide the full range of quality measurements needed to monitor SLA at the level of transport Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks for L2/L3 VPN services and Internet access. Probes provide measurements of bandwidth without service interruption according to RFC2544, one-way delay of data transmission, packet loss, and other parameters of quality of service at speeds of 10/100/1000/10000Mbit/s (10Gbit/s). E/M-NID probes can be installed "in the break" of user traffic and at a free port on the switch.
Software agent Cisco IP SLA Monitor
The IP SLA Monitor software agent, built into Cisco IOS routers of Cisco Systems, provides the possibility of measuring the quality of IP connections in relation to the operation of business-critical applications, such as VoIP, video conferencing, and time sensitive data.Cisco IP SLA Monitor (Service Assurance Agent) uses an active control method. By way of generating test traffic, IP SLA Monitor provides the measurement of performance and quality indicators of the network. The router on one end of the circuit generates traffic with the given parameters, and the router on the other end of the circuit acts as a responder.
OpenWrt operating system
OpenWrt is a router embedded operating system based on Linux, primarily used on CPE devices. OpenWrt allows to customize the application for each specific case. Nowadays it is the best solution on productivity, stability, extensibility and design in the class. As a result of wiProbe integration into OpenWrt helps to gain a low cost and small sized measurement device with CPE functions. Software agent can be installed on set-top box (STB) for IPTV with the OpenWrt operating system.
Eltex equipment
Full-function software wiProbe agent is integrated into the family of ESR routers and a Smart Clien TC-50. This integration allows to monitor on-line L2-L3 services. The equipment supports the load tests and service user monitoring. wiProbe Lite is integrated into a high-performance multi-function user terminal ONT NTP -RG-1402GC-W with TR-143 protocol support for quality service monitoring of broadband Internet access.  The high-performance dual-channel 2G/3G/LTE WB-10P terminal allows to connect the network equipment to departmental/corporate networks and supports channel reservation/aggregation function. The main advantages:
  • Easy configuration
  • TR-069 protocol support
  • Hermetic frame for operation in difficult climatic conditions (IP-65)

The powerful processor with clock rate of 1 GHz is used for device permanent operating.

Huawei equipment
The network Huawei devices use a network quality analyzer function– NQA for L2-L3 VPN service monitoring. The unified software agent provides seamless integration of wiSLA platform with Huawei family line.  HQoS function provides guaranteed service of  user traffic. wiSLA has been already integrated into Huawei ATN905/910i, Huawei NE40E and Huawei AR2220 equipment.
Raisecom equipment
RAISECOM RAX711 is an up-to-date generation Ethernet/MPLS terminal. It has two network interfaces and four combo GE user interfaces (UNI). RAX711 can be used for E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree и E-Access mobile backhaul business services on enterprise network and SOHO. Device supports end-to-end SLA service monitoring due to the latest hardware with OAM, CFM and Y.1731 protocol support. Raisecom MSG1200 router for connecting a home network to the Internet and for SOHO network provides SLA monitoring SLA due to the embedded wiProbe software agent. Device possesses a wide range service quality monitoring functions that wiProbe supports.Raisecom Gazelle S1112i-PWR industrial switch is combined with wiSLA platform and wiProbe probe. The embedded wiProbe Lite software agent allows to monitor IP service quality on L2-L4.
Juniper equipment
JunOS operation system provides real-time performance monitoring (RPM). It allows providers and their users to perform precise measurements between two network end-points. With RPM tools measurement settings, start and monitoring can be initiated. Мeasurement results are collected via SNMP and analyzed in wiSLA.
JOneAccess equipment
OneAccess 1645 and 1623 are integrated with wiSLA platform providing L2-L3 VPN quality monitoring. The embedded intellectual measurement engine generates traffic in accordance with RFC-2544.The devices support OAM and TWAMP for online service quality monitoring.
Bridge Technologies probes
IP Bridge Technologies samplers allows to monitor IPTV service quality and video conferencing according to ETSI TR 101 290. Devices pass service quality metrics to wiSLA platform via SOAP interface. The data is analyzed, aggregated and provided to users.