wiSLA Functional Expansion Modules

wiSLA.wiTest Broadband Internet Access Monitoring Module

The module is designed for the measurement of any Internet access technologies (GPON, Ethernet, ADSL, 3G/GPRS, 4G/LTE) and formation of the customer loyalty card subject to information regarding the circuit load and connection speed of customers. wiTest offers a Flash component that can be easily added to your self-service portal. In addition, wiTest supports the mobile application for Android and iOS smartphones.
The module successfully provides solutions for the following tasks that are unavailable for competitors:
  • Management of customer perception of the quality of all Internet access services – improvement of customer loyalty
  • Formation of metrologically reliable statistics of consumption and quality of Internet services by subscribers themselves – reduction of costs for control systems
  • Formation of subscriber perception of the Internet access service as a set of services with different quality characteristics, and therefore, potentially, with different costs, which is important for the improvement of service margins
  • Formation of requirements (SLA) to providers of content and services on the basis of objective and subjective opinions of subscribers, and delimitation of responsibilities with suppliers from the perspective of customers and governing authorities

wiSLA.OM Order Management Module

The wiSLA OM (wiSLA Order Management) Module is a special solution of the service quality management system for carriers, wiSLA (well integrated Service Level Agreement), for the order management process.
wiSLA OM allows you to improve the investment efficiency by streamlining and automating the pass-through order management business process. The system is aimed at the improvement of the key performance indicators (KPI) of the pass-through process, reducing operational costs for support and modification of the process, reducing the time-to-market, increasing process transparency, and SLA monitoring of partners and customers.

wiSLA.TT Fault Management Module

Today, there are a lot of solutions for Incident Management and Fault Management within the market, but those solutions generally focus only slight attention to the most topical issue, i.e. service problem management.
The issue of service problem management in the field of telecommunications is most acute for communications operators and providers of cloud solutions, and builds a separate functional area at the application map of carrier TM Forum TAM.