wiSLA Key Features

VoIP quality analysis


Анализ качества голосового IP-трафика

wiSLA generates a special MOS (Mean Opinion Score) test that imitates a real voice session between a couple of wiProbe probes in your network. Available parameters are codec type, voice traffic bitrate, voice frame length.


Функция wiSLA непрерывный мониторинг услуг

On-line monitoring

Check service quality statistics, faults list and analyze all SLA violation cases.


One-way metrics

wiSLA allows to monitor service quality in each direction with microsecond accuracy.


Функция wiSLA измерение качества по направлениям



Guaranteed quality of services

Guaranteed quality

Manage traffic routing with Quality Based Routing (QBR) function. wiSLA switches real-service traffic from loaded main channel to the alternative one in case of its sufficient capacity.



Channel loading monitoring

wiDPI function allows to define the most active users and applications utilizing your single connection and entire network. Analyze band utilization in directions and make a correct decision in case of network development.

Channel loading monitoring



Функция wiSLA отчеты SLA

SLA reports

Set up corporate quality policies, monitor services on SLA, expose penalties to your partners for inappropriate quality services.



Mobile apps

Download applications for Android or iOS and get near real-time information about status services, network bugs, network maintenance, service quality changes statistics.

wiSLA mobile app



Integration into the equipment



Integration into the equipment

The system can collect service quality information from Cisco, Juniper, RAD, Eltex, Metrotek, Huawei, OneAccess equipment.

Additional metrics can be collected from equipment management system.



Capacity management

Capacity management

Monitor available VPN capacity and Internet links according to the schedule or on-demand without impact on customer services.



L7 Monitoring

L7 Monitoring

Imitate user actions from the allocated offices and monitor application quality.


In real time

Use the online quality metrics monitor with customized up-dating period.


Monitoring in real time



Integration into Service Desk

Integration into Service Desk


Use SNMP-trap, REST API, SOAP, SMTP to integrate your customer support systems, SMDB and LDAP.

Interfaces can be available to your partners via Partner Gateway to coordinate maintenance schedule, information exchange about service quality degradation and SLA reports to calculate SLA penalties automatically.



Customized platform

Add unique fields for services and access points. Use tags for easy search and list classification.


Customized platform



 wiSLA alarm notification




Alarm notification

wiSLA notifies on quality degradation and SLA violation cases in accordance flexibly build-up notification setting and logical event handling.



Check the quality service information for any period and choose the safer partner.


wiSLA analytics



wiSLA measurement protocol



Measurement protocol

The system generates reports based on the same ITU-T, TM FORUM, MEF, IEFT and RFC standards that your service provider use.



Contractor portal


wiSLA contractor portal

Customers and Provider access the secured data about service quality.



Windows gadget

  • Current status services
  • Bug and maintenance duration                                                                                                                                  
  • Service quality statistics of the previous period .


 Windows gadget



Automatic probe configuration




Automatic probe configuration

wiSLA allows to launch new service monitoring in 1 one minute due to automatic probe configuration.